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Water damage, fire damage, or mold damage situations are rare events in most people's lives. Most property owners don't know what to do in such events or how to begin the restoration process. For most property owners it will be their first time contacting their insurance provider. It is a very stressful time leaving most property owners feeling helpless.

Dry Mitten Restoration can help you take control of the situation and begin restoring your property. Our restoration specialists will guide you through the entire mitigation and restoration process. They'll help you get in touch with your insurance provider and properly explain the situation.

Types of damage Dry Mitten Restoration works on

Water & Storm Damage

  • Damage assessment
  • Removal and extraction of any standing water
  • Decontamination if needed based on the water's source
  • Dry out the affected areas

Fire & Smoke Damage

  • Damage assessment
  • Property board up
  • Odor removal

Mold Damage

  • Assessment of contaminants
  • Removal of contaminants

Why should I use Dry Mitten Restoration?

We will always do our best to take care of you and your home because you are important to us. We know it is just not a house, it is your home. We will strive to treat it as our own. Our specialists are available 24/7 to help you get your life back to normal quickly and efficiently.

How is Dry Mitten Restoration's process different?

Dry Mitten Restoration covers Michigan in the following areas:

West Michigan (approximate service areas)